St Joseph's Services, Freshfield, Formby

On a site which has for many years hosted a variety of healthcare and religious facilities, St. Joseph's now consists of a modern resource / day centre and three houses for 12 people each where round the clock personal care and support are provided. The three houses together comprise a 36-place care home registered with the Care Quality Commission as St. Joseph's Home. There is also a PSMG convent and Prayer Centre, much used for retreats, on the site.

Additional facilities have been added in recent years, with the support of the Friends of St. Joseph's.

The Friends of St Joseph's

The "Friends of St Joseph's is a voluntary fund-raising group, an independent charity (registration number 502759). It was set up some 35 years ago for the benefit of the residents and day people who use St Joseph's Adult Services. The funds raised are used to provide additional amenities and opportunities that contribute to their quality of life.

The Friends of St Joseph's is led by chairman Michael Miller and their secretary John Bruce with their wonderful companions, who include staff members, family members and friends of the service users. At fundraising events these people bring their extended families and friends to support and help with the occasion.

Over the 35 years the Friends of St Joseph's have achieved huge results and demanding projects through their fund raising. During this time their efforts have resulted in a hydrotherapy pool, a barbeque area within woods but accessible by wheelchair along a woodland pathway, a sensory garden, a conservatory and many other smaller treats. This wonderful organisation depends entirely on donations and grants.

This is achieved through the Annual Garden Fete, which is always held on the 1st Sunday in July, the Christmas Fayre, Quiz Nights and Bridge Afternoons to name but a few.

Yvette Cooney - Service Manager
St Joseph's Home
Blundell Avenue
Liverpool L37 1PH

Telephone: 01704 872132




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