December 2014

Some hearty singing

The choir formed by people who we support in Liverpool, Musical Belles and Beaus, once again took part in the annual "Sing for your Heart" event organised by the charity Heart Research UK. This year's event was held at the Royal Liverpool Hospital and raised over £2,000 for this worthwhile cause. The members of the choir have worked very hard to establish the choir and their confidence in their abilities is constantly growing. Everyone was delighted with the thank you letters they received. Studies suggest that singing can be good for your heart and from the smiles in this photograph we believe this choir is proof of that!

JUNE 2014

Breaking News - Frances Taylor recognised by the Pope

Just as we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we have heard that Pope Francis has formally recognised the "heroic virtue" of Frances Taylor, after whom we are named. The Pope has declared her Venerable, which is a step on a path to becoming a Saint.

JUNE 2014

20th Anniversary of the Frances Taylor Foundation

The Frances Taylor Foundation is 20 years old! The social care services of the charity the Poor Servants of the Mother of God were brought together under the banner of the Frances Taylor Foundation on 9 June 1994. On Foundation Day itself, all our services organised events for the people we support, who are familiar with annual celebrations of our establishment.

A couple of days later, on 11 June, the festivities continued with a further celebration for FTF staff from across the country. Each service set up a stall to show off the work they do, and around 140 people - FTF staff, Trustees, and Sisters who have contributed so much to our social care and pastoral work over the years - enjoyed lunch in a marquee at the Kairos Centre in Roehampton, South-West London.

Sr. Mary Whelan, Congregation Leader, said, "As Trustees, we are assured that the legacy of Frances Taylor lives on in our services today. The individual services we offer become the actual 'family home' for a great number of people .... - the sense of community and family is so important. And so our FTF places must be happy places - places of joy as well as being professional and compliant in offering the highest standards of care."

See more photos in our Flickr album.

See the text of the addresses given at this event.

MAY 2014

Launch of the L37 Short Breaks Service - and the Happy Days Diner

The L37 Short Breaks Service has been launched at the newly refurbished St. Joseph's Home near Formby, Merseyside. Offering breaks for up to 4 people at a time, the aim is to provide bespoke stays for our guests, with a choice of activities, while at the same time offering a respite from caring responsibilities for the person's family members. The service boasts tastefully decorated and well-equipped bedrooms, sensory room, and use of the on-site resource centre and hydrotherapy pool.

The Directorate and the Trustees attended the opening ceremony, which also served as an open day for prospective guests and their families.

Left to right (back row): Nigel Turner, Social Care Director, Helen Sowa, Deputy Social Care Director, Yvette Cooney, Service Manager - St. Joseph's Home, Sr. Margaret Doyle, Trustee, Sr. Madeleine Ryan, Trustee, Fela George, HR Manager, Heather Todd, Deputy Social Care Director.
Left to right (front row): Michelle Dooley, Interim Service Manager - Fernley Resource Centre, Sr. Margaret Cashman, Trustee, Sr. Mary Whelan, Chair of Trustees and Congregation Leader, Debbie Whiting, Deputy Service Manager - St. Joseph's Home, Sr. Mena O'Donnell, Local Leader.

After the slightly more formal opening speeches, there was a chance to dance in the also newly refurbished Happy Days Diner, next door at Fernley Resource Centre.

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APRIL 2014

Holistic Day for Staff

As a mark of appreciation for all their hard work employees from the Southern area were invited to join Sr. Eileen Hooper, Pastoral Care-Coordinator for a 'Holistic Day' at Taylor House.

The day started with a warm welcome and coffee, it was later followed by an introductory session with Sr. Brenda Schofield. Sr. Brenda sent out a basic message about "The Hand of Touch", she was an inspiration to all who listened to her.

After that the relaxation really began and the staff we're treated to Reflexology and Aromatherapy sessions by Sr. Eileen, Sr. Julia Howard, Tricia Owens and Julie Drummond-Burkill. The treatments were calm, relaxing and stimulating and the staff enjoyed it so much they came back for seconds.

Pauline Dalglish, Deputy Manager, St. Raphael's said that "It was a wonderful day of uniqueness that can only be found by The Frances Taylor Foundation. We were able to exchange our experiences over a wonderful lunch. It was a great day and I look forward to the next one".

APRIL 2014

100% Compliance with CQC Inspected Standards

All of the eleven Frances Taylor Foundation's services which are inspected by the Care Quality Commission [CQC] have been found to meet all the standards inspected.

Nigel Turner, Social Care Director, said, "I'm delighted that all our services inspected have been found to be up to the standards required. All our managers and staff have worked incredibly hard to achieve this outcome. We're only too conscious that maintaining a perfect record will be a challenge, but this is our new baseline. This is an organisation which holds quality and safety as a top priority, and we would act speedily and effectively if we ever slipped slightly from our current performance."

About 25% of services inspected by CQC do not meet all the standards inspected, so for an averagely performing provider with 11 services, it might be expected that about 3 services would fail to be fully complaint.

Notes: A 12th FTF service opened in February 2014 and has not yet been inspected by CQC. National compliance figures taken from CQC website on 14 April 2014. One FTF service's latest inspection outcome has not yet been posted on the CQC website.

MARCH 2014

Opening of St. Anne's Apartments and Launch of Extra Care Supported Living

The official opening of 7 brand new apartments in a converted convent in Hove, took place at the end of March. We were delighted to welcome tenants and their families, Trustees and other Sisters, staff and professional colleagues, along with the guest of honour, the Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, Rt. Rev. Kieran Conry. This was also the launch of the Frances Taylor Foundation's Extra Care Supported Living Service which supports the people living at the apartments.

Sr. Mary Whelan, Chair of the Trustees, outlined the history of the Sisters on this site in Hove, and how the charity has been delighted to build on this history with this new development.

Nigel Turner, Social Care Director, explained that Extra Care Supported Living combined challenging the people with learning disabilities who live at St. Anne's to become increasingly independent, while also being flexible enough to provide higher levels of care and support for healthcare needs or as the result of ageing. Nigel expressed gratitude to the Trustees for their vision and boldness in undertaking the development, and thanked commissioners and adult social care professionals at Brighton and Hove City Council for being pragmatic and efficient in their support of the project.

Bishop Kieran Conry said he was impressed by the scale and quality of the building work, which was a testament to the long tradition of the Sisters in extending a helping hand to those in need. St. Anne's Apartments will be a long-lasting legacy of that tradition. The Bishop had enjoyed being invited into some of the flats, by the new tenants who had moved in very recently. He offered a blessing on St. Anne's Apartments, and all who live here, and on those who offer support and care.   

Nigel Turner, Rt. Rev. Kieran Conry, Sr. Mary Whelan

Some of the Extra Care Supported Living staff team

Once the more formal proceedings were completed, the housewarming party got underway

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There is more information about the service on this site. To contact us please e-mail or call 07592 509743.

MARCH 2014

Investors in People Bronze Award

The Frances Taylor Foundation has been awarded the Investors in People Bronze award for going above and beyond in the way we develop, support and motivate our staff. The Bronze award is achieved by just over 5% of Investors in People recognised organisations in the UK, all of which have demonstrated an additional 26 or more pieces of evidence above the Investors in People core Standard.

Sr. Mary Whelan, Chair of our Trustees, said, "I am delighted to hear of the Frances Taylor Foundation’s achievement in being awarded the Bronze award by Investors in People. This is no small achievement, but one so well deserved by staff in all our services who provide excellent facilities and do great work in caring for the people we support."



St. Mary's Newsletter

St. Mary's in South London produces a regular newsletter for everyone involved with the care home. For the Autumn edition, three people who live at St. Mary's interviewed staff.

Veronique Bonnett, seen in the middle below, with other members of the editorial team, Kathleen O'Grady (left) and Brigid Craig (right), interviewed Jade Harwood, Senior Care Worker.

Veronique's interview with Jade Harwood (below):

Veronique: Do you like your role as a Senior Care Worker?

Jade: I am really enjoying my new role. I have been in St. Mary’s for nearly 7 years now and both the staff and service users have always been lovely to work with.

Veronique: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Jade: I like meeting up with family, friends and dancing.

Veronique: What is your favourite food?

Jade: My favourite food is Indian food, I also like beefburgers.

For more information about St. Mary's visit the St. Mary's page on this site. 


November 2013

Peter Andre Came to Town

Wenda Gordon and Fayola Bennett from Tooting Bec Gardens met celebrity Peter Andre in November. Peter was in Tooting Bec Common filming '60 Minute Makeover' and he was only too happy to chat and have his picture taken with them (below). 


This is what the lucky ladies had to say about meeting the star:

"We went to see the filming of '60 Minute Makeover' near Tooting Bec Common. When there was a break in filming Peter Andre came over to chat and have photos taken. It was a good experience and he was a lovely man. We were very happy that day, and we have put his photo in our rooms to remind us of the good time we had. Thank you Peter Andre you made our day!!!"


Painting Party for Happy Days

People who work at and use Fernley Resource Centre, at Freshfield, Merseyside, and their friends and families, spent a recent Saturday decorating the large room that is on its way to becoming an American Diner - to be called Happy Days.

Heather Todd, Deputy Social Care Director said (with paint roller in hand), "It's fantastic to see so many people giving up their time to make our American dream come true."

The canteen-style diner will give people attending Fernley much more choice over what they can eat at lunchtime, and later on plans to open in the evening and weekends for short break guests, people living at the nearby St. Joseph's Home, and FTF staff. It's reckoned that the volunteer painters saved us about £4,000 in decorating costs, and a coffee machine and jukebox have been donated.

If you can help this exciting project - or even spare a dime - please contact Michelle Dooley, Service Manager - or Debbie Whiting, Deputy Manager -

Thank y'all!