Working For Us

Many of our staff have worked for us for a number of years, but we do sometimes have vacancies and details are available on the Staff Vacancies page:

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We often (but not always) recruit people who are local to a service – people who know an area are especially well placed to support our customers become a proper part of their community. But we recruit for a variety of skills, enthusiasm and new ideas – from wherever these may come. Much of our staff recruitment is run by the service which has the vacancy, and the customers of that service are usually part of the selection process. Some recruitment, especially for managers, is run from our London offices.

We offer an induction programme for new staff, and the opportunity to gain credits under the Qualifications and Credit Framework [QCF] which then add up to recognised qualifications – this system is moving on from National Vocational Qualifications [NVQs] which we have long supported our staff to obtain.

It's vital that you come with a positive, can-do, flexible and energetic attitude and that you are sympathetic to the values of the Frances Taylor Foundation. We believe in the unique value and inherent dignity of each person – for some of us that belief is intimately associated with the Christian faith and for others it is not. That belief, and many of our values that are today summed up in the term person centred working, were evident in the work of Frances Taylor. This is all summed up in the word "Charism". We employ people of many faiths and none, but we do ask that you learn a little about the Charism – about the respect, dignity and personalisation – which has driven the organisation for over 140 years.

Here's what some of our staff think:

“I have worked here for over 8 years now and really enjoy my job; I can honestly say I look forward to coming to work each day.”

Clare Birkett, Deputy Service Manager

“What I like most of all about St. Mary's is that I am made to feel that I am capable of doing a great job, there is great Team Spirit. Management are approachable and friendly and the individuals we support are lovely to work with.”

Barbara Chance, Care Worker

“St. Mary's is a lovely place to work. There is a very high standard of care provided and the staff are all very well trained and competent.”

Jim Elio, Care Worker

“Teamwork - good teamwork.”
Paul Delamere, Support Worker, Seaview, St. Joseph's (with FTF 6 years)

“It's homely and nice, we have a good team going.”
Janice Wilson, Support Worker, Seaview, St. Joseph's (with FTF 20 years)