Living here I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I am often supported on holidays to visit my friends in Wales. I get on well with the staff and am able to trust them. I’m proud to call Marina my home.
— Ena Baker

We are a dynamic and responsive Residential Care Service based centrally in the cosmopolitan city of Brighton and Hove, within walking distance to local amenities, shops and transport links.

Since opening in 1994, our main focus has always been the support of individuals in a care package based on their own specific needs, adopting an approach of Person Centred Active Support.

Each care package is individually tailored to meet the personal needs, dreams and aspirations of those whom we support through each stage of their lives. We provide a highly personalised, safe and fun environment where people we support can develop their social, communication and life skills with a view to gaining greater levels of independence. At Marina we like to say that “our residents do not live in our workplace, we work in their home”.

The people whom we support are encouraged to meaningfully contribute to the day-to- day running of their service. This support is individually tailored to meet the person’s own specific needs, dreams and aspirations. We encourage the people we support to be as involved as possible in this process and always ensure that they are consulted and presented information in an easily accessible manner, suited to their own level of communication and comprehension.

This collaborative approach also applies to the development of their documentation, such as person centred plans, health action plans, care and support plans, hospital passports, etc., which are created in conjunction with our service users and allow them the opportunity to discuss their lives, needs and preferences in the way they wish.

Our service is specifically adapted as required to meet any additional needs such as autistic spectrum conditions, mental health needs, challenging behaviours, profound and multiple learning disabilities, sensory needs, limited mobility, physical disability, palliative/end-of- life care and associated complex health needs. Where appropriate we invest in assistive
technology: specialised equipment and communication aids to maintain and improve independence.

We focus strongly on integration, participation and being active in the community. Examples of this include identifying and accessing meaningful activities, and utilising public and private community services including access to education and recreational facilities. Additionally, we develop several in-house events and groups. We ensure that strong social links are maintained between family and friends, a focus which has always been at the heart of our organisation.

We also believe in partnership working and developing/maintaining close links with associated multi-disciplinary organisations, such as advocates, NHS services, local funding authorities and community groups.

In order to deliver a professional and adaptive service, our staff team receive supervision, attend a comprehensive selection of mandatory and specialist training, and participate in regular team meetings. This ensures that we are aware of, and are proactive, in acclimatising to changes in care legislation and practice, maintain effective team communication and share a unified vision for our service. Several members of our team have worked for the service for a number of years and have developed a close-working, trusting relationship with the people whom we support and an acute awareness of their needs and preferences.

We focus to continue to improve the person-centric the support package we provide and feel this adaptive and responsive approach is reflected in our planned extension/redevelopment whereby we will create new, upgraded facilities to cater to changing needs/client base. We are working collaboratively with local funding authorities/commissioning teams and hope to complete the development within a year. This will usher in exciting, new possibilities for the service we provide as we continue to look to the future.


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