Working For Us

Some of our staff speak about working for us, and what they enjoy about their role. The services page has links to more information about each service offered by the Frances Taylor Foundation. 

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I enjoy working here as there is a warm and friendly atmosphere and you can see immediately that the people we support are the main priority - and are very well cared for. The environment, facilities and support available at St. Joseph’s Home are outstanding, and I feel very lucky to be part of this team.

St. Joseph’s offers an extensive range of training and since working here I have had the opportunity to attend a number these sessions. It is reassuring knowing that St. Joseph’s want the staff team to develop their knowledge and skills in order to offer the best care for the individuals that live here.

Personally, I find the small things the most rewarding: seeing people laugh or smile because of something you’ve done is a brilliant feeling. It is also very rewarding being able to participate in activities with the service users such as our Sports Day or Summer Fate, enjoying these experiences with them makes the job worthwhile.



Working for the Frances Taylor Foundation for over 11 years has been incredibly satisfying and rewarding. Being a part of this organisation gives me a lot of determination that has enabled me to grow in my field of work from support worker to team leader.

There are a lot of things that I appreciate about FTF but the one that stands out the most to me is that it gives me the opportunity to balance work and life by their flexible working hours.

I work in a pleasant multicultural environment, and FTF’s values and ethos can be seen across the Foundation.

We have excellent personal and professional support from management team and tailored training programmes that enables me to continually develop and enhance my skills and abilities.

It gives me great pleasure working for FTF, the most rewarding part of my job is supporting people to live happy and independent lives, and seeing them achieving their goals is very fulfilling for me.

Raksha Strachan, Senior Support Worker: Marina


I have worked for Frances Taylor Foundation for over three years and I can honestly say that it is the best organisation that I have worked for. I started at St. Anne’s Extra-Care Supported Living and now I am working at Marina care home, two totally different services but both equally rewarding to work at. The managers in both services have given me encouragement and support that I have needed to develop my skills and knowledge. As a senior it has been challenging but very rewarding in terms of experience and personal development. I am proud to be part of the Frances Taylor team, providing dignity and respect to those whom we support.

Lucy Dutta, Support WOrker: Marina


Having just started at The Frances Taylor Foundation I am finding the work both extremely challenging and extremely rewarding. The residents who we look after are truly wonderful and deserving of the best possible care. I have received a good amount of training so far, as
part of the organisation’s induction process, which is ongoing. Before I started working here I hadn’t been in formal employment for some time as I was a full-time carer for my Dad. After my Dad’s death I looked for an occupation in which I could offer my caring skills. This a perfect place for me to work as I am in firm concordance with Charism of the Frances Taylor Foundation.

Tadeusz Palosz, Care and Support Worker: St. Mary's Home


Throughout the years of working at St Mary’s, I had a chance to work with amazing service users with a broad range of abilities and colourful personalities. I am happy I could share some extraordinary moments with them. I have learned many things that are going to help me with my life and career. St Mary’s has offered me many professional courses and training and I had a chance to use that knowledge every day in my job. I’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot from the many colleagues I have worked with. I’ve also had a chance to learn more about my own strengths and limitations. I realised that even small acts can change people’s lives and what truly matters is being present, aware and caring. That is possible when people are open minded and are willing to work together despite differences. St Mary’s is a place with a strong and beautiful tradition carried on for many years.

Farida Fernandes, Service Administrator: St. Mary's Home


I believe that St Mary’s Home is quite possibly the greatest place to work, with a diverse environment and a self-reinforcing one. I started my career at the Frances Taylor Foundation in 2012 as a Support Worker. I was then promoted to Service Administrator. Prior to that I had moved to the UK from India to complete an MBA. As a Service Administrator, I manage the day to day functions in compliance with the Care Quality Commission’s standards and the Frances Taylor Foundation’s policies and procedures. I also oversee the quality of services provision, staff compliance with procedures and their professional development. When I come to work and interact with the people we support, I believe I am making difference to their life. I feel constantly inspired and excited when I am working with them, which ultimately motivates me to be more effective.

Karin Skrinning, Team Leader: St. Anne's Extra Care Suported Living


Working at St Anne’s is an exciting journey full of challenges and rewards. To see the people we support develop new skills, challenge themselves in new areas and grow in confidence makes the work we do feel valuable and motivating. The staff team at St Anne’s are a group of multi-skilled and enthusiastic individuals who go above and beyond in supporting each individual in a way that embraces the uniqueness of the person. Care, compassion and a sense of community is at the heart of St Anne’s. This makes it a truly special place to work.

Amy BrADSHAW, Senior Activity Worker: Fernley Resource Centre


We have good teamwork to offer the people we support varied and engaging activities. I particularly find the use of intensive interaction an amazing and somewhat emotional experience. It works on person centred principles and is a fantastic way to engage with those we support.

My confidence has grown during my time with the FTF and I have become an Advanced First aider, completed a Small Pool Operator’s certificate and I am working towards my QCF in Health and Social Care. I am also working with one of the people we support for them to gain an Edexcel qualification which is very rewarding. The training we receive from FTF is very good and I have been promoted to Senior Activity Worker with a specialism in art, drama and sensory development. I thoroughly enjoy my work and look forward to what each day brings.

James Brady, Activity Worker: Fernley Resource Centre


The main reason I like to work for the Frances Taylor Foundation is the good-hearted people I have come across working in the FTF who do nothing but the best for the people we care for. We maintain the respect and dignity of everyone whilst ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the people we support.

FTF has gave me plenty of training in my first six months. The training programs are exceptional at times and I look forward to further training. The opportunities to learn are extensive. I feel I have found the correct place for me to attain more knowledge.

The environment around Fernley Resource Centre is very pleasant – woodland filled with red squirrels, rabbits, and pine trees. The area is so peaceful and tranquil: the people who we support, and those of us who work here, all appreciate the nature around us.

Camilla Gharib, Support Worker: Home and Community Support


We provide great help and support to our service users and I feel we offer a unique service. I love working here. It is amazing when you see a person change and become more confident in just day to day life, this job is so rewarding. 

I feel I have enhanced the people's lives I support physically and emotionally, promoting independence in their homes and community. I recently organised a holiday in Devon with someone I support, which has made a big difference to her wellbeing and overall health.

One thing I have seen during my time with FTF is the benefit of making a positive connection with the people we support and building trust. One of the people I support has gained such confidence during my time with her, which has enabled her for the first time in 55 years to use the local swimming baths, this has had a positive impact on her health and the way she feels about herself.

We all communicate well as a team to ensure we are up to date with care needs of the people who use our service. Our manager has an open door policy and is very approachable. If I would like more training I discuss it with them and they are always so helpful to me. I love it here, we are a great team and everyone is so supportive.