I enjoy my life here – I have a lovely spacious en-suite room. I find it all very comfortable with my family photographs all around me. As I sit in my room I think of the past. I enjoy being with people. Here we have a variety of activities and social events – most of which I attend. The staff are very good and help me in every way. I enjoy talking with the staff.
We have a lovely chapel with Mass there daily. I can watch the Mass on my television if I do not feel like going down to the chapel. I have always enjoyed my life and continue to do so. My health is not very good now, but I am very well looked after her. So I have no worries.
— Mary Hanrahan

Here in Brentford - close to Heathrow, to the underground, to an overground rail station, and to a number of bus routes - is a modern building surrounded by well-kept gardens which are very wonderful and secure. This heaven of peace is undisturbed by the heavy traffic and the hectic pace of life going on not very far away. This place is called Maryville Care Home.

This home accommodate 39 residents. It could be classed as a small home in today’s thinking for care of the elderly. We see small as homely. We hope that each person who lives here feels this to be their home. Maryville is just 17 years old but is on a site which goes back over 100 years.

Maryville is home to people who have lived in most cases over 90 years. They have experienced two wars – they have seen the country in turmoil and have seen it been built up again, including the impact of high technology. A number of religious sisters live here, and some have spent their lives in Africa and Eastern countries. All of this demonstrates the stamina of this generation. They are people who saw hopeless situations but worked at it and made situations become hopeful.

Nowadays due to the support given in the community, most people do not come to reside at Maryville until they are in their nineties, and every new person brings something new to the Maryville community.

Family members and family play a large role in Maryville – we welcome them and encourage them to be part of whatever is going on. There are always a variety of family and friends here – they often take their loved ones out. This is always an enjoyable time. The relatives and friends get to know each other and the residents. This creates a very homely environment, with new friendships and support benefitting everyone.

In Maryville, we have a chapel and a resident chaplain. He says Mass daily and also spends time with the residents regardless of their beliefs. Other religion’s leaders come if requested by a resident. To have our chapel and chaplain is a big plus for Maryville. As this enables many people to live out their lives as they always did. All services can be transmitted to their individual rooms – no one need feel left out.

Here in Maryville we have a variety of activities available. The residents are free to choose to attend or not. Since most of the residents are unable to access the community we do all in our power to bring the community in to them. We have arrangements with local schools and nurseries who visit on a regular basis. It is lovely to see the joy they give the residents as they mingle among them. We have groups coming weekly during the summer with a full programme of music and song, drama and different activities – a great success always.

Within our home we have staff from 15 different cultures. Some of our staff have served Maryville for many years – others for different reasons move on and we recruit
replacements. Staff are given the necessary induction program and training in order to
understand and give the relevant care and support. Training is important for self-development and confidence building. We celebrate all culture days – this is always very enjoyable where we discover there are more commonalities than differences.

On our staff team, we have a registered nurse on duty 24 hours a day. We have a clinical co-ordinator (RGN) who sees the residents and staff daily regarding continuity of care. We have the backup of support and help from many professionals, GPs, occupational therapists, chiropodists, physiotherapists, tissue viability and community nurses. We have the use of a mobility car which makes life easy in taking people to appointments. One resident said, “no one wants to come into a home but when one has to, Maryville is a very good choice”.

Here in Maryville, we cannot add days to life but we hope to add life to days.


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