People We Support

We asked some of the people we support to say a bit about themselves and their lives. The services page  has links to more information about each service offered by the Frances Taylor Foundation. 

Angela Shepherd, Marina, Brighton and Hove


I am a very independent person who likes to do my own things. Living at Marina means that I have people around to help and support me if I ever need it. I like to help around the home and the staff always thank me for my contributions.

Paul Jones, Fernley Resource Centre


I like working with staff and meeting and greeting people who come to us. This increases my independence, helps my social skills and wellbeing. I go to the Speaking Up meetings to talk about things that are happening in Fernley. I like to get involved with the staff, helping and giving ideas for Fernley. The TIME sessions are good, we learn how to get to a place using the internet. We search for maps and train times to the places. In Independent Living Skills sessions we speak about health. We know what a health passport is. We go to People First meetings. I know the right clothes to wear in different weathers.

Peggy Brown, Home and Community Support


I am very happy to be supported by FTF; the staff help me so much indoors and outdoors. I feel a lot better when I know I can talk to the staff about anything. I have a lot of trust in the staff and have now after 50+ years started to go swimming every week; it makes me very happy as I am learning to swim again. I have quite a lot of health problems and I am in a wheel chair, so the swimming has helped me with my health.

Susan Worthington, Liverpool Adult Services


I like the way I am treated by staff. I am shown respect and am able to make my own choices in life. This is very important to me, because while living in an institution I was never able to make my own choices. I like the people who share my home, and the staff, and the relationships I have with them. I enjoy participating in events held by the Frances Taylor Foundation, such as sports days and summer fairs. 

Deidre Waller, Home and Community Support


FTF give me a good service. They come twice a week and help me with whatever I need.  I don't have good hearing but we work together so that we understand each other. I really like Aimee at FTF. We have a good laugh together. I like the other staff as well. I see FTF as my friends. They have been visiting me for four years.

Catherine Cleary, St. Raphael's Home


I like it here. I go to coffee morning and I’m in charge. I like doing coffee morning with Sister Eileen. And I like colouring and art with Lizzy. I keep my room tidy and staff help. I get to go to Butlin’s with my friends in summer. Everyone is nice. I watch movies with the staff who sleep in. 

Ali Adams, St. Mary's Home


I’ve lived here for eight years. It is a lovely home. I have my own room with my own bathroom. 

I like to talk to people. Communication is important to me, with people who live here and the staff. I feel I know the manager and deputy manager well. 

I go to college to study Business Enterprise. That includes how you run a business like a shop, managing money and comparing prices.

I like the parties we have at St. Mary’s and events at other places – like the Brentford summer fete.

Veronique Bonnet, St. Mary's Home


It’s very nice here at St. Mary’s. I like cooking, and helping the people here. 

I go to college, and like acting, singing, movement and exercise classes. I’m engaged – my fiancé lives in West London and always comes here on a Saturday when we go out – perhaps swimming, or a pub lunch. 

We have parties for special occasions – birthdays, a summer barbecue, and Halloween, for example.